AUDIOBOOK on white racism

A few years ago Dan and his oldest best friend, Mike Feldstein, created an audiobook. In a series of fifty essays they talk about their friendship and their journeys to antiracism. The book was never published. The two recently decided to make it public here in hopes that white folks will listen, identify, and possibly find their way to antiracism. Enjoy!

Tales of White Racism for Stoners, Upholsterers, Financiers, Cowgirls, and Others  - an underground audiobook by Mike Feldstein and Dan Zanes


Let Love be Your Guide

The first Dan + Claudia Zanes duo record was released September 10th on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings. The album is out now on all streaming sites. Dan + Claudia have also made videos for Reparations is a Must, Coming Down, and Let Love Be Your Guide.

The fourteen original electric folk all-ages songs on this album were recorded in Baltimore during the early months of 2021. Dan said “This is the best record I’ve ever been a part of and Claudia is the reason. We said everything we wanted to say in the way that we wanted to - all of our joy, love, conscience, and wonder is here.”

Let Love be Your Guide is available for purchase in our shop.

You can also download or stream the album here.

Listen to NPR Morning Edition's fantastic interview with Dan + Claudia about Let Love Be Your Guide.



When our Covid-19 related sheltering-at-home began in early March we decided that we’d create a daily video of a song for as long as the need to remain at home was in place.

We called this our “Social Isolation Song Series” but a funny thing happened: once we started putting these songs out we didn’t feel so isolated! People began sending us beautiful messages and requests, sharing the videos with friends and family, following us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and letting us know that they were using the songs as a starting point for making their own music.

So we changed the name. It’s now called "The Social Music Song Series.”

Please join join us as we bring you daily musical offerings of old and new songs from near and far, songs for people of all ages.

Here’s the link for the YouTube channel and you can also find the songs on FaceBook and Instagram.

We hope that you are safe and sound and finding ways to move through this difficult and uncertain time.

We love you and we’re here with you.

Dan + Claudia

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