Long Hot Summer Nights
Reparations is a Must (4th of July Love Song)
Coming Down
Let Love Be Your Guide
We’ve Been Down This Road Before
Stew Ball
Rock Island Line
Ochos Kandelikas
Coney Island Avenue
Hop Up Ladies

Dan Zanes and Friends

Red Bird
All Around the Kitchen
Turn Turn Turn
Jump Up
Catch That Train
Down in the Valley
Night Owl

Music Lessons

Guitar Lesson - Catch That Train
Guitar Lesson - House Party Time
How to Play the Spoons
How to Play the Mandolin Pt 1
How to Play the Mandolin Pt 2
How to Play the Ukulele
How to Play the Harmonica
How to Play the Banjo Pt. 1
How to Play the Banjo Pt 2
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